Here at Fit!, we believe that keeping our Earth clean today and for future generations is a responsibility we should all embrace.  Below are some of the ways we demonstrate our commitment to the environment.

Most of our equipment is made by Precor, an environmentally-conscious US based fitness equipment company.  The following is a statement from Precor on environmental stewardship.

Precor Environmental Stewardship

A foundation of progressive environmental stewardship

Precor is a subsidiary of Amer Sports Corporation, the world’s leading sports equipment company, which embraces core values of continuously and measurably improving health, safety, and environmental performance, and reducing environmental impacts. Over the past decade, Precor has established a strong track record of progressive environmental stewardship, and gained industry and government recognition for environmental and manufacturing best practices. Throughout the organization, Precor has pursued opportunities to reduce hazardous substance use and hazardous waste, while increasing recycling and acceptable treatment methods. The company’s commitment to best environmental practices has its genesis in a 1997 change in ownership, when Precor was purchased by Illinois Tool Works (ITW). A global leader in production operations, ITW placed its stamp of lean manufacturing on Precor production practices. And while corporate stewardship has much broader facets and repercussions than lean manufacturing, the core of Precor’s stewardship position is founded in efficiencies of lean manufacturing. Today, Precor’s practices include recycling corrugated paper, wood pallets, aluminum shavings, steel strapping and metal scraps in the production environment, while practices such as recycling bins and limiting use of paper cups in Precor offices reinforce the commitment to environmental stewardship to employees throughout the organization. Further, to prevent waste and provide employees with an added benefit, outdated or used tools and equipment are made available to employees for personal use.

History of environmental and workplace best practices

Precor’s record of continuous improvement to protect human health and the environment is evident in honors the company has earned over the past decade from local and state regulators. Precor best-practice honors include:

• King County “Distinguished Business in the Green” Award

• King County Industrial Waste “Gold Compliance” Awards

• King County “Model Metal Working Fluid Management Program” designation

• Washington State Department of Ecology Metal Machining Sector “Best Practice” recognition

• Washington State Labor & Industries Model Ergonomic program “Ergonomics-in-Action” award

In 2007, Precor implemented a closed-loop metal working fluid (CNC machine coolant) system that entirely eliminated a persistent hazardous waste stream and all halogenated fluids from Precor’s Woodinville, WA manufacturing facility. Since then, the State of Washington Department of Ecology has utilized the Precor facility as a best-practices site for metalworking-fluid management.

Through the machine shop initiative and other practices, Precor eliminated hazardous waste generation to less than 50 pounds in 2006 and zero hazardous waste in 2007. In addition to a focus on the workplace, Precor encourages lower energy use and carbon footprint reduction through a commuter program offering financial incentives to employees who use alternative methods to personal automobiles, and by aggressively promoting employee van-pools. The company in 2008 was recognized as one of 100 “Pacesetter” companies in the greater Seattle area in recognition of Precor’s commitment to trip reduction/commuter principles and a better environment.

Continuing environmental stewardship

Moving forward, Precor sees the greatest environmental opportunities through increased energy efficiency of Precor facilities, minimizing wastewater streams, and eliminating hazardous waste. Currently, Precor’s environmental stewardship goals are to:

• Maintain zero hazardous waste standards achieved in 2007

• Achieve or maintain Gold Award status with the King County Industrial Waste Program

• Minimize wastewater discharge in all powder-coating applications while maximizing energy conservation

• Reduce energy use by replacing more than 33% of all manufacturing lighting with T5HO fluorescent lighting

• Implement P2 and energy savings programs that bring the Valencia, CA strength equipment manufacturing facility up to standards of the Woodinville facility

• Investigate the application of the EPA Energy Star Program to Precor operations

Setting a course for the future

Precor has been moving toward increased stewardship of the environment and community for a decade. However, in 2008, Precor took steps to establish a more thoughtful course of increased stewardship. Steps Precor has recently taken include:

• Establishing sustainability and stewardship benchmarks through a SCORE evaluation conducted by a Bainbridge Graduate Institute MBA in Sustainable Business team.

• Establishing the Precor Stewardship Initiative to focus first on areas of greatest opportunity as identified through the SCORE process

• Conducting a first-ever carbon footprint assessment for Precor office and manufacturing facilities in the U.S.