Effective 10.1.19


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Butts & Guts - 30 minutes of all glute and core engaging exercises!

Dance2Fitness - Choreographed routines that combines all genres of music with fitness driven movements. This class creates an energetic environment guaranteed to burn fat, tone muscles, and get you fit. 

Fit! & Flex - Barbell weight training working all the major muscles, choreographed to burn fat and create lean muscle.

Fit! Cycle - Indoor group cycling, windy sprints and climbs, all the while adding resistance to your own level.

Fit! AMP’d-  Athletic based cardio workout that will keep your heart rate up in the fat burning zone!

Fit! Restore  -  Improve flexibility, range of motion, balance and posture through yoga and Pilates inspired stretches and exercises

Strong by Zumba - A combination of high intensity interval training with the science of synced music motivation! In every class, the music and moves sync in a way that pushes you past your perceived limits!

TRX - Military style training that works in a small group setting performing exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, and core utilizing your own body weight via the TRX suspension system on the Queenax.

Zumba - High energy dance class with Latin inspired moves designed to give a full body workout and melt away the pounds 

Zumba Circuit - The high-octane, Latin inspired dance rhythms of Zumba combine with the benefits of metabolism-boosting strength training.