Trainers and Instructors Wanted!

Fit! Gym is looking for motivated trainers and instructors who would like to bring their own clients to our gym. We have a full service gym, free weights, machine weights, a state of the art Queenax Functional Training System, group exercise classroom, LIVESTRONG Cycling classroom, and a strength and conditioning facility. 

Queenax Functional Training System 

Queenax Functional Training System 

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Could This be You?

  • I need a gym to train my clients that isn’t dirty and overcrowded.
  • I need to build my clientele and make more money, while doing what I love.
  • I want to be a true entrepreneur, not an underpaid employee.
  • I wish I could find a environment that catered directly to me, the trainer.
  • I don’t feel appreciated as a fitness professional at my gym.

We at Fit! Gym do what we do best so that you can focus on what you do best. In other words, we take exceptional care of you, the trainer, so in turn you can take exceptional care of your clients. In doing this, we attract the best of the best when it comes to fitness professionals.

How about having a way in which you build your own business and make a comfortable living doing what you love to do? Sound too good to be true? Not anymore.  Fit! Gym respects all trainers and what they do. You’re not told what to do, what hours to keep, or with whom you have to train, because you work for yourself! You keep what you charge your client, and pay a reasonable fee for use of the facility. We treat you with respect; and as you rightly are… the main component in any successful training environment.